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Vote Yes! April 19, 2010

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Candid Teacher Admits: Tomorrow is the moment of truth.

Much of my blossoming career depends on tomorrow’s vote for the school budget.  Unfortunately, the town I teach in has a lot of immigrants who either cannot vote, are not registered to vote, or do not have the information necessary to vote.  Also, there are a great number of apartment complexes housing people without children who are not aware of the issues and therefore, do not feel compelled to vote.

I am very nervous and I feel that tomorrow will have a great effect not just on next year, but my entire life.  If the budget does not pass, I can basically kiss my job goodbye.  I will have to consider moving back in with my parents, hold of plans to travel, and try desperately to find another job with the rest of America.  If it does pass, I have a greater chance of having my contract renewed next year and a lot of worry is lifted from me for the time being.

It shocks me when I hear that people are voting “no”.  Those people are complaining about teacher’s salaries.  But, let’s face it, the only reason people care about how much we make is because their property taxes are directly impacted by the budget and our salaries.  I understand that property taxes are astronomically high, but why should teachers and students have to suffer because of this?  It’s really an unfair situation.

My friends who graduated from college the same year as me make upwards of $30,000 more than me a year.  The people voting “no” to the budget make far more than me, probably double.  But of course, they say teachers make too much because they have to fund our salaries.  We did not choose for our salaries to come from your pockets, but where else to you propose we accrue the revenue from?  Would you prefer that you pay a tuition for your children to attend school?  This is the peril of working in a non-profit sector.

Please, everyone, go out and vote.  Every single vote “yes” counts so much and the many teachers who may lose their jobs thank you sincerely for taking the time to fight for us.


Candid Teacher


One Response to “Vote Yes!”

  1. Kelly Says:

    I hope you guys got a yes vote! Teachers are clearly NOT paid too much, but like you said- people feel like it’s their business because they have to pay for it. However, would they rather their kids be in a class with 45 other 5 year olds? probably not!

    We are up for a tax override in June of this year. Fortunately my job is secure, but I will go from one prep every day to 2 preps a week without an override. I won’t complain because I know people are much worse off, but I want my kids to have their special classes so they can become well rounded individuals and I need a few seconds away from them to set up the next lesson!

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