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I’m Going to Brag! April 20, 2010

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Candid Teacher Admits: I got a compliment.  Please let me brag about it!

In this profession, teachers are cut-throat to one another, parents are not thankful, administrators think we should work harder, the general public thinks we get too much time off, and the students are not appreciative of all we do.

So please, please, please let me brag about my compliment!

Before school began today I was talking to another faculty member in the copy room.  She told me she loved my classroom and thought I had such a great manner with the students.
I was already over the moon (I know, it doesn’t take much).. but can you believe it, it doesn’t stop there!

She continued to tell me that her daughter was currently in pre-school, but the school she is set to attend next year may revert to half-day Kindergarten if the budget doesn’t pass.  She said that if the budget doesn’t pass, she’s going to have her daughter attend the school we teach at and that she wants ME to be her teacher.  She says she can’t imagine a better teacher for her daughter.

Out of the 6 wonderful Kindergarten teachers at my school, she wants me to teach her daughter.  I was (and still am, clearly) so ecstatic!!

What high praise!  A teacher knows how hard it is to be a teacher.   For her to say that she wants ME to be the one to impart knowledge and skills to her daughter is, to me, the highest compliment.

Thank you, thank you!

That was at 8 AM this morning, and as you can see, it has made my entire day.

Now, back to lesson planning to inspire these kids.  Even if it feels like nobody appreciates it, I know someone truly does!


Candid Teacher


2 Responses to “I’m Going to Brag!”

  1. I have my first teacher’s kid this year; this is my 4th year of teaching. Although it was a compliment, the child isn’t that sweet, perfect teacher’s child so it has been an interesting year.

    • I know that teacher’s kids are often actually the worst. For me, it’s a compliment now while it’s just an idea that may never come to fruition. However, if it becomes reality I know it may get dicey. I hope things are going well enough for you with your teacher’s kid!!

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