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One Day at a Time April 29, 2010

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Candid Teacher Admits: I’m beginning to smile again.

Yesterday, I was finally able to “let go” and have a few minute’s peace without obsessing over the fact that I will be unemployed on June 17th.  I think that’s pretty quick, considering I just found out last Wednesday.
I know it took a whole week, but I feel that’s a fair amount of time to “grieve” over my job loss.  I’m certain that pangs of panic will take hold of me at time; I fully expect that.  However, I can now relax a bit without worrying that I should be applying for jobs EVERY single second of my spare time.

I know I won’t feel fully at peace until I have a new job secured, but that could take a while, so I need to learn to live with this feeling for some time.  I’m still somewhat in denial about the fact that this is all happening.  We’ll see how I feel in a month, or week, or even tomorrow.

If anyone knows of an opening for someone with top-notch credentials, please let me know.  I’m certified K-5 Elementary Education, K-12 Reading Certification, have dual Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education and Communications: Writing Arts, and have 6 credits towards my English as a Second Language certification.  I have awesome classroom management skills, innovative lessons and ideas, am a team-player, and I’m super detail oriented.  I also love writing and language in general.  I enjoy proofreading/editing, reading, and am a perfectionist.

I know there are many many qualified and over-qualified candidates searching for jobs right now.  It’s a tough spot to be in.  I’ll keep hoping that I will have the right combination of qualifications for an employer!!

Candid Teacher


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