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Stormy Monday May 4, 2010

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Candid Teacher Admits: Storms effect my job!

Most people don’t think about a stormy night.  When there is a severe storm with thunder and lightning, most adults aren’t effected by it.  They may be surprised by a particularly aggressive bolt of lightning or clap of thunder, but then it passes.

As a teacher of 5 and 6 year olds, my day is largely impacted by the weather; especially if it’s stormy.

This morning, many of my students arrived at school tired and irritable due to last night’s weather.  They were frightened by the storm and a large number proclaimed that they spent the night with their parents.  (I’m sure their parents had a great day at work today as a result.)

I always knew the weather could determine my mood and activities for the day.  However, I never thought it would have such an impact on my job.

How does the weather impact your job and day?  Or, is it something you don’t give a passing thought to?


Candid Teacher


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