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Now What? May 25, 2010

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Candid Teacher Admits: I’m so lost.

I had 2 interviews today.  One was a second interview for the district I mentioned in a previous post, and another was for a private Kindergarten.

I felt that the Kindergarten interview went very well.  However, the second interview was a mess.  When I entered, I was informed that the air conditioner for the office we were in was too noisy, so they were keeping it off.  It was 90 degrees today.  Let’s suffice to say that I got sweaty fast, and today I had chosen to wear my very baby fine hair that shows sweat quickly down.  So I was hot, insecure about my appearance (red faced, sweaty), and babbling like a fool.  I don’t think I put one coherent sentence together.

I know it’s still early in the game, but now I feel like it’s game over.  It feels as though I blew the only good opportunity I had.  Yes, I feel relatively confident about the Kindergarten interview, but it was for a private school and unfortunately, usually private schools do not pay well.  Who knows, perhaps this will be an exception.

On top of that, while I was being grilled about teaching literacy and math in the second interview, I realized: I don’t actually LIKE teaching content.  I like teaching social skills (which is a LOT of what Kindergarten is).

So now not only did I blow this opportunity, (or at least, I feel pretty certain I did) but I don’t know where to turn from here.  Do I continue applying for teaching jobs, which are few and far between?  Or, do I try to get into doing something else, even though I’m not qualified and there aren’t many jobs available right now?

Yours in turmoil,

Candid Teacher


One Response to “Now What?”

  1. Haitham Al-Sheeshany Says:

    U know what, just relax, we tend to look for negative aspects during our interview process; so as to not feel bad if we get rejected.
    From my experience in recruitment management, I say concentrate on one or two opportunities and don`t swamp yourself with following many tails.

    Take it one step at a time, best of luck in your job-hunting :).


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