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Is This My Life? July 10, 2010

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Candid Teacher Admits: I love my job!

I know I’ve only worked with my new co-workers for 3 days, but I already love my job.  I can’t believe my good fortune that I got laid off from my old job in a guarded and unfriendly environment.

Everyone is so nice.  Are people really this nice?  It can’t be!  I feel such a strong connection with the staff at my new school.  On top of the great people, we get to write our own curriculum that aligns with the International Baccalaureate (IB) model, which is quite interesting and I think will be really successful.

I’m nervous about what the school year has in store for me, but overall I’m just so happy that I get to work with such a talented and kind group of people.


Candid Teacher


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