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Just When I Think It’s All Figured Out… August 23, 2010

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Candid Teacher Admits: I thought everything was straightened out, but it’s not.  And I’m sure more curve balls will come my way as well.  It feels like this couldn’t possibly be my life.  It must belong to someone else.

Since the new charter school hired me, it has been a wild roller coaster ride.  I knew it would be difficult to help starting a school, but I didn’t know it would feel quite this disorganized.  Despite the fact that the state said we were ready to open and very well prepared, I didn’t feel that way.  Many things simply went wrong in quick succession, most of which left me without words.

So, now that I am one interview with a superintendent away from becoming a Reading Specialist for a different district, I have resigned from the charter school.  Though I know this is a risky move, it feels right to do.  Moreover, the charter school gave me an ultimatum to decide immediately: will I stay or will I go?  Therefore, I have made my choice.
The principal of the new school has assured me that all I need to do is meet the superintendent as a formality.  Though the commute will be a bit more strenuous, I am excited.

I am sad that the charter school will not work out for me.  I felt so sure of it when I signed on, but there was a great deal of information withheld and far too much uncertainty for me to stand.

Therefore, with both a sad and happy heart, I’ve had to resign and move on to a new position that I think will bring me challenges and joy.  Here’s to hoping I’m right!


Candid Teacher


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