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Pros and Cons September 18, 2010

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Candid Teacher Admits: There are wonderful things about my new job, and things I miss about being a classroom teacher.

It has been a busy month.  I did not mean to let so much time pass, but I needed the time for myself to figure out my job and all the new things going on in my life.

I am now the Reading Specialist for not one, but two K-5 elementary schools.  It has been stressful, but so far I think this is a better fit than Kindergarten was.  I’ve spent this beginning of the school year getting to know teachers and students, learning the new curriculum, and basically doing everything I can to keep afloat.  I feel a mixture of happiness and sadness that I am no longer a classroom teacher, but mostly, I am happy about it.

Pros (of no longer being a classroom teacher):
Less phone calls home to parents
Less students at a time (5 max as opposed to 25 max)
No more snack time
No more dismissal (always chaos)
No more substitute plans
No more teaching Social Studies
No more teaching Mathematics
No more teaching Science
No more bulletin boards
No more “class newsletters”
No more homework
No more report cards
Less frequent tests
No more mindless craft projects
No more holiday celebrations
No more bathroom emergencies/rules
No more “Pick up this notice to go home TODAY” announcements… 5 minutes before dismissal

Less of a bond with my students
No class picture
No more birthday celebrations
No more holiday celebrations (yes, a pro and con)

So, it is clear that the Pros well outweigh the Cons.  As I continue in this job, I’m sure I will update the list.  However, I am mostly facing it with excitement and a little bit of “Oh my god what have I gotten myself into?”


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