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I’m Almost There… March 22, 2011

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Candid Teacher Admits: This still isn’t quite the right fit.

I’ve been working relatively hard all year. (Yes, I’m being honest.. I know there are things I could have done better or more of.)  It’s been a large challenge to work in every school in the district, despite the fact that it’s a small district.  I feel that working in one school would allow me to do so much more.  However, instead of allowing me to focus on one or two schools next year, my district plans to have me go to the MSHS every day instead of for just one day per week.  This means I will spend 2 days at each elementary school, one full day at the MSHS, and one period per day at the MSHS.

You would think that this would mean I am definitely re-hired for next year.  However, you’d be wrong.  In the “interesting” world of education, nothing is ever certain.  I think I’ll find out by April 15th, but it may not be until May 15th.  Since I cannot wait that long (because I’d miss the prime time to apply for jobs), I will need to send out applications again.  This becomes tricky since I have no new references from this year and I feel like I’m sneaking around and being dishonest.

I do like most of what I do, but it’s just not quite the perfect fit yet.  Who knows if there is such a thing as a perfect job for anyone, but I’m going to keep trying.  I’d like to be a Reading Specialist for one school and see if that allows me to have more of an effect on my students.  Who knows what will happen, but here we go again!

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