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I’m Passionate About My Job April 11, 2011

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Candid Teacher Admits: I’m shocked- I’m passionate about my job!

While I’ve always been passionate about children and the idea of teaching children, I never thought I’d be passionate about a job.  Though I’ve wanted to be, I didn’t think it could truly happen.  So, I am pleased to say that yesterday I had a light-bulb moment.  I AM passionate about my job!

While venting about co-workers (yeah, I’m guilty) and their disrespect of their students, I realized that teaching truly means more to me than “just a job”.  It’s a lifestyle.  I’m so proud to say, “I’m a teacher”.  Beyond that, I feel that teaching reading is something truly special since reading is something everyone needs to get through life, no matter who you are or what you do.  Advocating for my students, (especially since I often have the ill behaved and largely disliked students,) and following through for what I know is right gets me so fired up and makes me feel like I truly am making a difference in their lives.

I can’t do everything, and I certainly don’t do an over-the-top, 110% job all the time, but I do my best and I care about my students as if they were my own flesh and blood.  I think that’s a pretty good start, don’t you?

Candid Teacher


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