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Hot, hot, hot! June 1, 2011

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Candid Teacher Admits: I like it hot, but this is going overboard.

In both elementary schools that I work in, my “room” used to be a storage closet.  Therefore it has no windows, no ventilation, and no air conditioning.  In addition to being illegal (I believe), it is honestly like being in hell for a few hours.  In one of the schools there is a small fan in the room, and I had a small fan in the other room as well but I had brought it back home for use in my apartment.  Without that, the air simply hangs and is so opressive that it is actually hard to breathe!

It was so bad yesterday afternoon that I had to take my students to the air conditioned (hallelujah!) faculty room for respite from the heat.  I also had to let them have drink breaks every 5-10 minutes.  I like it hot, but even I couldn’t take it.  My students were sweating through their shirts.

As one of my pudgier students said with labored breath, “That fan you had was good.  You should bring that back,”  Such wise words from a very sweaty 8-year-old.  I will heed his advice so that I don’t leave looking like a drowned rat yet again.

Candid Teacher


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