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2 out of 3? Maybe. June 8, 2011

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Candid Teacher Admits: I think I’m being selfish.

Last week I had 3 interviews. While I should be overjoyed that I’ve been fortunate to get even one interview, I am simply a frazzled mess instead. Perhaps I’m selfish or bratty. Please allow me to explain.

Interview #1– The position is a one-year grant funded position for a Literacy Coach, grades K-2. A Literacy Coach works with teachers and assesses students, but does not run lessons with students. I am a teacher primarily so I can work with students, and this position would put me in the exact same spot as I am now- looking for a new job. This school is 1 hour and 10 minutes West of me in the middle of no where.

Interview #2– I had a “screening” interview 2 weeks ago, a demonstration last week, and have a meeting with the superintendent next week. It is for teaching first grade. If you look back at my previous blogs about HATING being a classroom teacher and the long list of CONS about being a classroom teacher, you will see why this one makes my stomach turn. However, the district is very well-off and I would MOST LIKELY not be subject to lay offs. This school is 1 hour North of me.

Interview #3– I had one interview last week for a Reading Teacher position for a Middle School teacher. While children ages 11-13 (and older) scare the living crap out of me, I’d get to work with students in small groups. That is appealing to me and therefore makes this my first choice. This school is 45 minutes North West of me.

All three commutes are equal or worse than my current commute (goody). Since I haven’t been called for any other interviews (yet, I hope), that’s it for now. Nothing is a “perfect fit”, but beggars can’t be choosers. So here are the results…

-Interview #1 called me today and offered me the job. However, knowing that I am so close to getting the first grade teacher job (a meeting with a superintendent is usually a formality and the principal said, “I look forward to working with you next year”), I turned them down. It felt odd and was a bit upsetting to have to do, but I know I’d be miserable.

-My first choice, Interview #3, called me today and said I was their second choice but they have gone with another candidate. Darn. I asked them to keep me in mind if candidate #1 does not work out. I’d be OK with being second choice, they wouldn’t regret it!

-So, that leaves me with Interview #2, which would mean I’d be teaching first grade. However, this is the best option with the Reading Teacher position no longer available. Oh good grief.

Is it selfish of me to hope for the possibility of another Reading Specialist interview? I KNOW I would be miserable at the Literacy Coach job, but I’m terrified I’ll only be slightly less miserable as a first grade teacher. What am I going to do?

Candid Teacher


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