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Day One.. August 30, 2011

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Candid Teacher Admits: Day one is tomorrow, and I’m already nervous.

Tomorrow is the first day of New Teacher Orientation.  Even though this is my fourth year teaching, I have to attend because I’m new to the district.  I have no problem with that, but I am nervous beyond reason.  It’s silly because I’m not even teaching tomorrow.  I’m probably just going to sit through seminars and maybe participate in a few activities.  In addition to that, I’ve already met a lot of the new teachers and they seem very nice.  It’s silly to feel this way, but I can’t help it.

Hurricane Irene has added to my list of concerns.  Due to the massive flooding & destruction of trees, many of the roads I would usually take to work are impassable.  In the past few times that I’ve gone to work, I’ve made a wrong turn or two each time (I’m hopeless in terms of my sense of direction).  If I’m lucky, it will take an hour and a half instead of the usual hour it takes to get there… but we’ll see.  I have to be there by 8 AM, and I’ve never done this drive so early before, so traffic will also come into play.

Wish me luck!

Candid Teacher