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It’s Been A Long Time… I Know November 11, 2011

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Candid Teacher Admits: I know it’s been a long time. Forgive me please, and let that be a testament to how busy I’ve been and how hard I’ve been working.

I’d like to believe that this year, I’m being a good teacher. Yes, to say that means I haven’t always done my best 100% of the time in the past. Well, that’s true. I haven’t.  Now, I am!
I don’t mean to say I will do my best 100% of the time from now on, though.  I know that sound like a strange thing to admit, but I’m human!  Honestly, who can say they always “feel like” doing work every day and they put in everything they’ve got?  Maybe some superhuman person, but that just isn’t me.  Ah, well.
Anyway, the difference between the past years and now is that I am working with an amazing teacher who teaches Basic Skills – Language Arts Literacy (the same as I do) in the other elementary school in my district.  Having someone who teaches the same thing as me gives me a coworker to bounce ideas off of, discuss issues, and forces me to really make sure I’m doing all I can for these kids.  I’ve never had that before, and it’s absolutely phenomenal!
So, for now it is really quite a good thing and all the positives outweigh the few negatives.  True, sometimes she’s a little bit self serving and too proud of her own achievements. However, since she’s a top-rate educator, I can’t fault her there. Not really, anyway.
Still, it’s such a tough job. Tougher than Kindergarten, but indefinitely better for me, too. It’s actually even better than my last job. The only thing I miss from last year is that I flew under the radar and could do whatever I wanted. Nobody really knew what I was supposed to be doing or what I could be doing better. This year, the district is far more knowledgeable and therefore, I am more accountable. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, as I didn’t slack off last year and now can fine tune my skills further. All it really means is that now I know someone really is watching me, whereas last year, I knew nobody really was.

Ah well, hopefully this time the hard work will finally pay off and I will get rehired. We’ll see. I have a while before that looms large again.

Candid Teacher.